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Understanding Your Lemon Law Rights

You might mistakenly think that when your new car has had repairs made under warranty for “free” there is no violation of the law no matter how inconvenient, troubling, or severe your experience is. You’re stuck wondering, “what’s going to go wrong next, or how long will I be without my car this time?” You feel trapped with a Lemon and think that you have to just grit your teeth and bear it despite not getting the new car value you paid for and deserve. Fortunately, the Nevada Lemon Law says otherwise and gives you the ability to get rid of and banish your Lemon car once and for all!

You are entitled to Nevada Lemon Law protection when the number of repeat repairs for the same defect or condition is unreasonable or if the total time your car is in the repair shop for warranty repair(s) is unreasonable. You don’t need both too many repairs and too much time without your car for the Nevada Lemon Law to apply, only one or the other.

The Nevada Lemon Law covers you when your car’s use and value are impaired (negatively impacted) by its defects. This makes sense because like most people, you bought a new car with a new car price so you would have peace of mind and wouldn’t have to deal with used car problems.

It is presumed under the Nevada Lemon Law that your car’s manufacturer has had a reasonable opportunity to repair your vehicle when there have been four or more repairs for the same problem, or if your vehicle has been out of service for 30 or more days in the repair shop as a result of repairs (regardless of whether the problem is the same) within the first year of ownership.

The Nevada Lemon Law presumptions apply in two separate ways. For example, if there are four or more repairs for the same problem in your car a Nevada Lemon Law presumption applies even if there are only four days in the repair shop. If you have a repair that takes 30 or more days, then it doesn’t matter that there has only been one repair. You still get the benefit of the Nevada Lemon Law presumption.

Please keep in mind that the presumptions are written in the Nevada Lemon Law to help you prove you have a Lemon, they are not a barrier to recovery. You may still have a valid Nevada Lemon Law case even if your car doesn’t have this number of repairs or time out of service if the overall repair history is unreasonable under the circumstances.

When your car is covered by the Nevada Lemon Law you are entitled to a refund (minus a reasonable usage fee) or a new comparable replacement of your “Lemon” while never stepping foot in a courtroom because over 95% of our cases are successfully resolved out of court in 1-3 months without any lawsuit. Additional warranty law enables you to recover attorneys’ fees as part of settlement.

Alternatively, as a compromise, it is possible to negotiate a substantial cash compensation settlement for you with you keeping your car along with attorneys’ fees being paid by the car company. This compensation is for having overpaid for your car given the problems you’ve experienced and for your inconvenience.  These ways of getting rid of or compensated for your Lemon car are available to you regardless of whether the repairs you sought were “free” under your vehicle’s warranty.  There is a strict 18 month from the date your car is originally put in service time limit on Lemon Law claims so please do not delay. Get Lemon Law help today!

In addition to the Lemon Law, consumers in Nevada can also obtain relief via the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, State warranty common law, and the State Commercial Code. As such, there are multiple avenues under which we can help you can obtain cash compensation for your defective vehicle if the Lemon Law is timed out or inapplicable to your vehicle situation.

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*Disclaimer- The summary of the law provided is meant for informational/educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice or a guarantee of a specific result in your vehicle situation because every case has unique facts and circumstances. Please contact Amar Law Group for a FREE analysis of your particular vehicle situation and additional pertinent information and details about your rights.

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