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Understanding Your Nevada Lemon Law Rights

You might be under the impression that, no matter how annoying, upsetting, or distressing your experience is, there really hasn’t been a legal infraction when your “new” car or motorcycle has had warranty repairs completed for “free.”

When anything goes wrong, you can’t help but think, “What will happen next, or how long will I be without my vehicle this time?” You feel stuck with a “Lemon” and assume that all you can do is grit your teeth and put up with it even though you didn’t get the new vehicle price you paid for and were entitled to.

Thankfully, the Nevada Lemon Law states otherwise and provides you the opportunity to permanently banish and get rid of your “Lemon”!

If your car or motorcycle needs to be repaired repeatedly for the same defect or condition, or if the amount of time it takes to complete all warranty repairs is unreasonable, you may be entitled to protection under the Nevada Lemon Law.

For the Nevada Lemon Law to apply, either one of the two following conditions must be met:

– Too many warranty repairs; or
– Too much time spent without your car due to warranty repairs.

Your vehicle is covered by the Nevada Lemon Law when its defect issues significantly reduce (negatively affect) the vehicle’s usage and value. This makes sense because, like the majority of owners, you paid a new car or motorcycle price to ensure dependability and to avoid dealing with aggravating and time-consuming used vehicle repair issues.

When your vehicle has had four or more repairs for the same defect or condition, or if your car or motorcycle has been out of commission for 30 or more days as a result of warranty repairs (regardless of whether the issue is the same) within the first year of ownership, the Nevada Lemon Law presumes that the manufacturer has had a reasonable opportunity to repair your vehicle.

This means that beyond that point, your vehicle’s repair history is legally presumed (or assumed) to be unreasonable.

The Nevada Lemon Law presumptions apply to defective vehicle repair situations in two different ways:

1) Even if your vehicle spends only four days in the repair shop, an NV Lemon Law presumption exists if it needs four or more warranty repairs for the same issue.

2) It doesn’t matter if your vehicle has only one warranty repair if it takes 30 days or more to complete. You’d still get the benefit of the NV Lemon Law time out of service presumption.

Please keep in mind that the Nevada Lemon Law presumptions are not any type of obstacle to your recovery; instead, they are a part of the NV Lemon Law that is designed to assist you in showing that your vehicle is a “Lemon.” If the entire repair history of your car or motorcycle is unreasonable under the circumstances, you can still have a valid Nevada Lemon Law case even if your vehicle doesn’t specifically have this many repairs or time out of service.

Because over 95% of our cases are successfully resolved out-of-court in 1-4 months without any lawsuit when your car or motorcycle is covered by the Nevada Lemon Law, you are entitled to a Refund (less a reasonable usage fee) or a New Comparable Vehicle Replacement of your “Lemon” without ever having to set foot in a courtroom.

The manufacturer of your defective vehicle can also be required to cover all legal fees as part of your out-of-court settlement thanks to additional applicable warranty law.

Alternatively, as a compromise, it may be possible to negotiate a significant monetary cash settlement for you with you keeping your car or motorcycle and having the manufacturer cover all legal expenses as part of the overall out-of-court settlement. This type of settlement can be attractive depending on whether your vehicle appears to finally be properly repaired and also depending on the amount of compensation that is offered to you.  The more substantial the compensation, the more likely you would be willing to entertain this type of Lemon Law resolution.

After all, given the defect and repair issues you’ve had with your vehicle and the inconvenience and lost time that’s caused, even if your vehicle is repaired, you clearly deserve this type of compensation.

Regardless of whether the repairs you needed were “free” as part of your vehicle’s warranty (and by the way, having a warranty is part of the higher new vehicle price you paid for, it’s not free at all), you can still use all of these methods to get rid of or receive compensation for your “Lemon” car or motorcycle under the Lemon Law.

However, please don’t wait too long and potentially lose out on your right to Nevada Lemon Law compensation because there is a strict 18-month time limit on bringing a claim from the date your vehicle is first put into service.

Get Lemon Law Assistance Now

In addition to the Nevada Lemon Law, there are several other legal avenues for your defective vehicle situation we can use to obtain cash compensation for you. You may also be entitled to substantial cash compensation under the Nevada Uniform Commercial Code, the Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, or State Warranty Common Law.

If you feel that you have endured enough stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and irritation as a result of your “Lemon” vehicle and that you deserve the compensation the law entitles you to, please provide you vehicle repair information on our FREE Lemon Law Evaluation page.


We look forward to speaking with you and to successfully guiding you through the out-of-court Lemon Law compensation process as we’ve done for thousands of clients since 2004!


Last Updated: 01/25/23

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