When you don’t get the New Car Reliability & Value you Paid For….

You DESERVE a Refund, Replacement, or Cash Compensation!

Banishing Your Lemon- A Quick, Easy, and FREE 3 Step Process

You’re busy and think it might be a hassle to take the time to get rid of your Lemon vehicle. Luckily, we have a Quick, Easy, and FREE 3 Step Out of Court Process for banishing your Lemon in 30 minutes or less of your time Guaranteed!  1st there is a FREE CASE REVIEW2nd there is SETTLEMENT NEGOTIATION on your behalf, and 3rd RESOLUTION! Because of how you can be rid of your Lemon vehicle once and for all this Quickly and Easily with a REFUND, NEW VEHICLE, or CASH Compensation, and because there are strict time limits on Lemon Law claims, there is no reason not to seek Free Lemon Law Help NOW!

  • 1st Step- Free Case Review

    Even though you’re tired of dealing with a defective vehicle, sick of wondering “what is going to go wrong next?…when will it finally be properly fixed?”, you’re busy and understandably think it might be too much of a hassle to take the time and money to get rid of your Lemon vehicle. Luckily, we have a QUICK, EASY, and FREE 3 Step Out of Court Process for getting rid of your Lemon in 30 minutes or less of your time Guaranteed! The 1st step is a Free Case Review. You either call us and provide your vehicle information (or simply provide the info in our Free Case Review form) and then email (docs@amarlawgrp.com) or fax (1-866-226-1333) us the vehicle repair records to review. Then within 1 business day (usually the same day) we can let you know if your vehicle qualifies or not. Your time is valuable and we will not waste it if we do not believe the vehicle qualifies under the law. If it does qualify we email you our No Obligation representation agreement and schedule a 5-10 minute phone appointment to answer any questions you might have about the representation and the 3 Step Out of Court Resolution Process.

  • 2nd Step- Settlement Negotiation

    The 2nd Step is Settlement Negotiation on  your behalf. Once you decide to move forward after having your  questions answered we open a computer and hard file on your behalf and  draft a Notice Letter to the manufacturer recounting the repair  information provided by you and in the repair records. We request that  the company accept responsibility under the law by REFUNDING your money or replacing your vehicle with a NEW CAR along with paying all attorneys’ fees. In some instances CASH Compensation will be requested. Typically the company will request records to review within 10-14 days of the letter being sent. If anything is missing we will let you know. Once the company has completed its internal investigation it will let us know its settlement  position. This takes 10-45 days depending on the company involved and  its case volume. It is always up to you whether to accept or reject an offer. We will never accept an offer unless it has been approved or pre-approved by you. Typically there is some back and forth negotiation involved, which is what you have hired us for. To be  advocates ON YOUR SIDE to fight for you to get the best deal possible. You can relax while we do the heavy lifting of bargaining with the other side for you.

  • 3rd Step- Resolution!

    The 3rd and Final Step is Resolution! If we are able to get the manufacturer to agree to provide you with the settlement you are requesting out of court (which happens in 95% of the cases we handle) then you will have peace of mind with the Lemon Law Resolution you deserve. We will make sure the settlement agreement is fair and reasonable. Once the agreement language is approved it will be emailed to you for signature. You can call us with questions at any stage for any reason. We will then guide you through the BUYBACK or NEW CAR Replacement process and scheduling of the return of your vehicle at a local dealership. When the car is returned you will have the loan payoff made and a REFUND payment provided to you. If you have a NEW CAR Replacement deal you just return your vehicle and drive off with your NEW CAR. If there is a CASH Compensation settlement reached, we mail you your settlement check after it is received and clears our client trust account. Because of how you can be rid of your Lemon vehicle once and for all this QUICKLY and EASILY with a REFUND, NEW CAR, or CASH Compensation, and there are strict time limits on Lemon Law claims there is no reason to delay and risk having your rights expire. Contact us Free Lemon Law Help NOW!   

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What Sets Our Firm Apart – Experienced, Accessible, Advocates

Experienced – 14 and a Half Years of Consumer Representation, 2,813 Cases Handled

Since 2004 our attorneys and their predecessor firms have resolved over 2,813 cases for consumers who were stuck with a Lemon vehicle through no fault of their own. We have 14 and a Half years of experience getting consumers like you the new car value you deserve with either a buyback, a new car, or cash compensation.  Over nearly a decade and a half we have built constructive relationships with car and RV manufacturers (several times after defeating them at trial), which aids in the quick and amicable settlement of claims out of court (generally within 1-3 months) with the companies paying all attorneys’ fees under the law. To see if you are entitled to help and compensation based on our extensive experience, please contact us for a Free Case Review!

Accessible – It is Firm Policy to Take and Return Calls Immediately

The biggest complaint about attorneys is how difficult it is to ever get them on the phone. That is unacceptable! You deserve better. It is our Firm’s policy to routinely call clients about their cases and to take client calls immediately whenever possible. If we are in the office and not on another call, your call will always be taken immediately. We are happy to talk to you and you should always feel free to call us. If we are unavailable, very call will be returned within 1 business day at the latest. No exceptions! This accessibility and personalized attention to clients is what sets our Firm apart.

Advocates – 98.7% Success Rate, $26,049,000 in Compensation

Like most people, you paid for a brand new vehicle because you didn’t want to deal with the aggravation of defects, breakdowns, or repairs. You wanted peace of mind. Instead you’ve had to deal with the headache of not even having a vehicle that can get you from A to B without something else going wrong. This is not your fault, you deserve better! Our attorneys are the advocates you need to get you out of this situation because they have a 98.7% success rate. Our attorneys and their predecessor Firms are also responsible for over $26,049,000.00 in client compensation. We will be your advocates as well. Contact us for your Free Case Review!

What Do Consumers Say About Their Representation Experience?

Nicole Oaklief Client Testimonial:


“Amar Law group represented me beautifully! Every step of the way I was incredibly well informed. If I ever had a question, it was answered immediately (these people actually answer their phones and reply to emails immediately! I tried to deal with my lemon on my own and was constantly lied to by both the manufacturer and the dealership. I began working with a different attorney and she said the best possible outcome was getting me a small cash settlement, maybe a couple thousand dollars, and I would be stuck with a vehicle I was terrified to drive and a service history that basically rendered it worthless. Shalev Amar fought for me!He won. I received the maximum amount for vehicle re-purchase as allowed by state law.
I spoke with multiple attorneys, even worked with one, I’ll save you the hassle: CALL! 
You will be impressed by your initial conversation, and every step of the process.
I could not be more grateful!!!…

 I mean every word and I appreciate all you have done more than I can say! When I talk about my experience with you, people always say that an attorney who cares more about their client is very rare! I haven’t had a lot of experience with attorneys but just from those I spoke to or worked with on this before finding you, I KNOW HOW FORTUNATE I WAS TO FIND YOU!!!
Thanks again, SO MUCH!!!” 
(Emphasis added, upper case lettering in the original).

Monica Meglasson, Jewelry Design Company Manager, Result: Refund


“We were recently able to settle a rather long and difficult vehicle case. Henry and the staff at Amar Law Group LLC always were in touch with any new developments. They answered all of my questions if it was an email or phone call and were realistic about what the possible outcome might be. It was a pleasure doing business with them and I can highly recommend Henry and the Amar Law Group.Thanks for a job well done.”

Jim Fitzgerald, Public Affairs Officer, Result: Cash Compensation


“It was great to work with.  It (the representation) was very easy. From the beginning he explained everything that I needed to know. And then he worked with the car company the whole time so I didn’t have to interact with them. You know I just kind of sat around waiting for things to happen and then magic my car got taken back, I got money back, and now I have a beautiful new car!” Heather Williams- Collections Agent, Result: Refund

Heather Williams , Collections Agent, Result: Refund
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Values Statement:

Why Should I Choose Amar Law Group? Our Values- We ALWAYS Put Our Clients First!

It is Firm policy to take client calls immediately whenever possible. Unlike most attorneys, we are happy to talk to you. You are also entitled to be informed about substantial developments in your case with a phone call, not an email. Another Firm policy is NEVER to charge our clients for out of court representation and to NEVER EVER get paid more than our clients for out of court settlement. Our fees are always sought ONLY FROM THE CAR COMPANY!

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