The 5 Best State Parks in Nevada

When it comes to sightseeing, hiking and nature trekking, nothing beats visiting five of the most inspirational state parks in Nevada. Be sure to visit at least one of these state parks should you find yourself in the state one of these days.

#1, Cathedral Gorge State Park

Located just outside of Panaca, the Cathedral Gorge State Park offers a most unique viewing experience of bentonite clay (the soft variety) that has been naturally eroded and shaped by sun, wind, and rain.

The canyons here have deep, beautiful colors, and vividness of nature is awe-inspiring, to boot. The state park is open to hikers the entire year, and entry to the Cathedral Gorge is just $7.

If you have the capability to do an overnight stay at the state park, stargazing will definitely make your night a joy. The remoteness of this state park is perfect for people who just want to go “off the grid” for a while and enjoy being with themselves and nature in solitude.

#2, Valley of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State Park offers stunning views of coppery Aztec Sandstone that has made this area famous over the years. The state park welcome hikers, campers and other nature lovers all year.

Admission to the state park is only $10, and there is also a Visitor Center that will help you determine the course of your activities while in the park. Not all trails are for beginners, and there are definitely longer and more challenging ones for those who have been hiking before. Dehydration is an issue in any place where the sun is consistently beating down in full force, so be absolutely sure that you have sufficient water for the entire day before setting out.

Thermo-controlled bottles that keep water cool or cold are also a must. Dehydration can set in even if you are still sweating – drinking enough water will prevent it.

#3, Big Bend of the Colorado River

If it is boating that you are after while in Nevada, then you need to see the Big Bend of the Colorado River. Located just outside Laughlin, there are 24 units of camping areas for campers, as well as areas for RVs to hook themselves up.

For cooking, there are also designated barbecuing and fire pit zones for campers. Exploration of the four-mile shoreline area is a must and this is the perfect place for folks who like camping near huge rivers.

#4, Lake Tahoe State Park

Lake Tahoe is a “catch all” experience for tourists because it offers access to both snow-capped mountain views as well as beaches for those who want to go swimming.

The day entrance to this state park is $10, and for that price you can go picnicking on the clean grounds, or visit Spooner Lake, or perhaps camp out at South Lake Tahoe. Be sure to drop by the visitor center to see what activities they have lined up when you come to visit.

#5, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

This state park has the honor of having the oldest constructed buildings in Southern Nevada. There also multiple nature trails for trekkers and hikers, as well as neat picnic grounds for families. During the summer months, outdoor theater performances are common during the evenings. If you want a relaxing and most idyllic experience, come to the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.

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